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What's Old is New Again

Old School

Welcome to my first official blog post. For a couple of reasons, I’ve decided to name my blog, Old School. First of all, it’s the nickname I was given in rec basketball as the old guy who played the old-fashion way focusing on the basics. Likewise, it refers to my philosophy in developing media programs for clients, built on the fundamentals of research and marketing strategies. While in this day and age of digital platforms, social media, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the latest media craze, Old School may not be flashy or trendy, but it still works. After all, Tim Duncan (aka, The Big Fundamental) won five championships vs. only one championship for the more flamboyant Julius Erving.


As one who bases his work on fundamentals and results, in today’s “look at me” environment with social media and all, I guess I have to start my introduction highlighting some of my key career successes.

· Two Effie Awards for effective advertising campaigns

· $1 Million in bonus exposure for client in Network Olympic buy

· 19% sales growth for client with successful move into television

· 25% annual growth for a hospitality client for eight straight years

· Delivering 5x as many new "customers" vs. goal for a social services client

All of these were accomplished by building programs based on strategies, meticulous attention to details, a spark of media magic and flawless execution. These accomplishments span over 20 years and include recent ones, so Old School still works.

Coming Attractions

So what are these blogs going to be about? They are going to be my thoughts on a number of topics: the importance of insightful strategies; the value of a media mix and the fallacies of limiting your campaigns to social media or other one-to-one marketing tactics. They will not argue that newspapers are going to make a comeback or that social media is a fad, but they will point out the value of reaching your target audience in the right places, at the right time and the right number of times.

Who should be interested in Old School?

· Anyone who isn’t distracted by a shiny object and focuses on the big picture

· Anyone who believes in substance over style

· Anyone who wants to build short-term and long-term successful businesses

· Anyone who believes in establishing long-term relationships built on trust and accountability

Come along to see how "What’s Old is New Again" with Old School.

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Feb 20, 2019

I’m looking forward to reading your posts. You seem to have a good handle on what’s needed by today’s marketers and how to use a disciplined, strategic approach.

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