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Old School - Still a Winning Formula

One Shining Moment

As I reflect on the participants in last night's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game, I can't help but draw the parallel between this blog's name and Virginia and Texas Tech. All are essentially "Old School" and still are viable winning strategies today. While both Virginia and Texas Tech may not be pretty to watch, they make their opponents look even uglier thru their suffocating defenses (#1 & #3 in the country with fewest points per game allowed) and they depend on fundamentals to neutralize any possible talent shortfall. With today's college basketball "Blue-Bloods" of Kentucky and Duke relying on top-ranked recruits playing at those schools only one year ("one and done"), many other college programs have to utilize a different strategy to win. Virginia literally controls the speed of the game, oftentimes walking the ball up the court to slow down the faster teams and utilizing a special defense few teams employ. Texas Tech relies on impeccable preparation in practice and then imposing their will with their stifling defense. Both teams work hard, hustle constantly and step up and make clutch plays at key times.

Lesson to be learned

Like Virginia and Texas Tech, not every marketer has the “Blue-Blood” product or service, but most can employ due diligence in preparing for the market, finding their unique selling proposition (USP) and working hard to achieve success. By digging deeper, identifying targets and niches, analyzing potential customers’ demographics, psychographics, lifestyles and media habits, marketers, like Virginia and Texas Tech, can overcome other shortfalls in their “game”. While this may seem academic, it's not always the case. Many marketers often take shortcuts or become so close to their product or service they can’t see the forest for the trees. Other times, they can’t look at things objectively or are looking for the next "big idea" and they forget about the basics.

Scouting Report

For Old School objective consultation to get you back on track with some marketing and media fundamentals, take a time-out and call SynerG @ (216) 513-4961.

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