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Old School – Old Sayings

“Pick Up After Yourself”

“You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees”

While I don’t mean to repeat a GOT reference, the latest episode and accompanying social media buzz offers great examples of the importance of remembering these two sayings that we’ve all been told as children. Unbelievably, the set dresser on the show didn’t see that someone failed to clean up after themselves and left a Starbucks coffee cup on the table for one of the scenes. While it seems that Starbucks has been around forever, I don’t think they were around in fictitious medieval times. And in the category of not seeing the forest for the trees, didn’t any of the actors notice the cup?

“Stay In Your Own Lane”

Whether you’ve tried to sing at karaoke or were a student in driver’s education, most of us have been told to “stay in your own lane” at some time in our lives. The importance of “staying in your own lane” was painfully evident this past weekend at The Kentucky Derby when Maximum Security veered out of its lane twice and was disqualified, costing him the win and the possibility of winning the Triple Crown.

Lessons Learned

The above are great examples why many clients need marketing professionals. Some clients are so close to their businesses that they don’t “pick up after themselves” and “can’t see the forest for the trees”. They need outside partners who think from a consumer's point of view. Other businesses veer “outside of their lanes” and try to do their own marketing and/or media buying when they may be attorneys, car dealers or restaurateurs. They don't have the training required to establish optimal media mix, weight levels and programming. Most marketing service companies have professional accountants and law firms because they are trained experts in these fields. Doesn't it make sense that attorneys, accountants and others who need marketing expertise reciprocate this philosophy and hire marketing professionals for that "lane"?

For help picking up after yourself, seeing the trees as well as the forest and keeping you in your lane, drop me a line at

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