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Old School – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Back to School

Remember when the school year started at a reasonable time, like after Labor Day instead of in the middle of August? Also, remember when you started the school year having to write those stupid essays that started with “How I spent my summer vacation”?

Having been out of school for many years now, I have no idea of whether those essays are still part of getting students back into the writing mode, but knowing that most schools have just started, I thought I would pull my head out of the numbers and try some words.

What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

I learned that analysis is alive and well, which I love! I worked with several clients who either provided me with extensive research, built from my research and/or dug in with me analyzing data and turning it into insight. These clients challenged me and the rest of these work teams to look at one more thing, think of one more question or one more way of interpreting the data. And then do it again, one more time, even when this analysis nerd felt we’d done enough. The best part of this analysis was that it was based on good Old School target audience demographics, marketing data, product purchases and media habits.

Another thing I learned is to not be so Old School as it relates to changing out old technology, reading the signs of an aging computer and not waiting too long to replace it for fear of losing key documents or having down-time in the middle of a big project. Fortunately (and a shout out to my IT company, Bitboyz, now TRNSFRM) for their quick work as I was back up and running with my new laptop after only losing a day and a half (and no key documents).

Now, if this Old School guy can learn Windows 10 and all the new navigation idiosyncrasies...

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