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Old School - #GOT

#Got You!

I figured #GOT would pull people in and get this blog trending, but this isn’t just about Game of Thrones. In fact, I see #GOT and think, “Why is the pound sign in front of the word got”? Hello, McFly, this is called OLD SCHOOL. I have never even seen Game of Thrones, but judging from hearing about it on two different radio shows today, seeing multiple social media posts about it and talking to people, I sense that everyone must watch it.

Buzz and Hype

The fact that I’ve never seen the show doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that it is extremely popular, created a buzz and commands the attention of so many. I think it’s great that a program like this breaks through the clutter of all the content that is out there and garners so much attention. While I oftentimes feel like an outsider to discussions on the show, I do like the hype that surrounds it as it’s great for the television industry. As a media practitioner, however, I wish it were an advertising vehicle as it reaches a broad range of demographics including those difficult to reach segments.

Upfronts, Patience and Standing Out

As we are in the midst of the “Upfront Season” it will be interesting to see if any of the network, cable or commercial streaming services will be offering anything that comes close to standing out like Game of Thrones. It will also be interesting to see if these purveyors of content will be patient and allow their new programs to develop a following like HBO did with Game of Thrones, as it started with an average of 2.5 million viewers in its first season, grew 33% in the second year and had an average of more than 10 million this past season (Season 8). If you believe in the concept that strong competition improves overall quality, look for several future breakthrough GOT-types if these folks have patience.

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