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Old School – A-D-D in Media

Information Overload

I bet if anyone reading this were to open up their local news website they would find at least a dozen stories on the homepage. Likewise, if you turned on a cable news network, ESPN or The Weather Channel, you would be faced with numerous stories at the same time. Similarly, if you looked at your smart phone or other mobile device, you’d have a choice of a multitude of apps to get news, weather or sports information in addition to social media where you could “talk” about these subjects. The point is, we as consumers of media have become accustomed to an abundance of information coming at us at all times. Sorting through and processing all of this has created a populace with a short attention span.

Short Attention Span, Short Messages

One way marketers can combat this ADD is through shorter messages. While it might seem contradictory to try to stand out from the clutter of too much information with shorter messages, this is a case of “less is more”. In fact, research is showing that shorter messages are increasing in effectiveness relative to traditional commercial lengths of 30 seconds. This makes sense from the standpoint of consumers getting more accustomed to shorter messages with pre-roll on digital platforms, thus processing information faster.

More Bang For The Buck

As marketers are looking to stretch their broadcast ad dollars, there is no question that 10 second spots can be an answer. Given the increased effectiveness of shorter messages coupled with the fact that they cost anywhere from 20%-%50 of the cost of :30s depending on where they are placed, :10s can be a great hedge against increasing media costs.

To see what :10s can do for your campaign and how much you can save, call me at (216) 513-4961.

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